A road vignette is a form of tax that must be paid in order to use Lithuania’s trunk roads. You need to buy a vignette if you want to drive a minibus on Lithuania’s trunk roads. The price of a vignette depends on the class of vehicle and the period for which it is valid.

You can buy an electronic vignette here.

You can check your vignette here.

Code Name Length
A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda 10,00–91,00 km; 103,00–304,00 km
A2 Vilnius–Panevėžys 12,00–132,55 km
A3 Vilnius–Minskas 6,65–32,91 km
A4 Vilnius–Varėna–Gardinas 15,57–133,91 km
A5 Kaunas–Marijampolė–Suvalkai 7,60–96,74 km
A6 Kaunas–Zarasai–Daugpilis 5,95–66,80; 72,44–185,24 km
A7 Marijampolė–Kybartai–Kaliningradas 2,50–41,92 km
A8 Panevėžys–Aristava–Sitkūnai 7,50–87,86 km
A9 Panevėžys–Šiauliai 5,00–75,29 km
A10 Panevėžys–Pasvalys–Ryga 4,57–66,10 km
A11 Šiauliai–Palanga 2,65–146,52 km
A12 Ryga–Šiauliai–Tauragė–Kaliningradas 0–49,74 km; 59,49–151,82 km; 155,80–185,97 km
A13 Klaipėda–Liepoja 11,00–43,83 km
A14 Vilnius–Utena 10,66–95,66 km
A15 Vilnius–Lyda 10,78–48,83 km
A16 Vilnius–Prienai–Marijampolė 15,56–135,42 km
A17 Panevėžio aplinkkelis 0–22,24 km
A18 Šiaulių aplinkkelis 0–17,13 km
A20 Ukmergės šiaurinis aplinkkelis 0,02–7,64 km