Alter your filmmaking experience by renting a special vehicle with all the required equipment.

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About us

We are in the filmmaking and advertisement industry since 2013. After noticing the lack of transport, it became clear that by offering special vehicles suited for this industry, we could ease its tasks substantially on a daily basis. In the year 2016 we started our minibus and equipment rental activity which is growing and improving constantly.

Our fleet of rental vehicles consists of 14 minibuses purposefully set up for filmmaking, which come in various sizes. We are familiar with the needs of both, the experienced filmmakers and the individual drone operators, therefore we offer minibuses which require B category drivers licence for your convenience.

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Speed up and ease filmmaking tasks with our offered services.

Additional equipment

For your convenience we rent various additional equipment, which includes cordless equipment, electric cloth maintenance and cleaning appliances, hand tools, etc.

Minibus rental

Suitable purpose and size minibuses with tail lifts used by costume, camera, art, make-up and other filmmaking departaments to alleviate their tasks.

Individual projects

Fullfilling the needs of atypical filming projects. We offer transportation and equipment for other special filmmaking needs.

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To ease your job, we offer tools ranging from cordless “Makita” to handheld tools. Focus on working on the movie set instead of searching for the right tool.

Why choose us?

Our experienced team will help you fulfill your visions by supporting you with all of the necessary measures to turn them into reality. All of this inside the lines of your project budget.


Regardless whether you’re a large business, or an individually working entity, we will meet the needs of even the most selective and will offer exactly what is needed.


We are actively perfecting our services, innovating and expanding the variety of our offered equipment. We aspire to become the leaders of the market that can be trusted.


Having the filmmaking experience, we know how to make its tasks simple and convenient. For the comfort of our client we think through even the smallest details.